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Python for Makers

Learn the foundations of Python. Watch tips. Work on projects.  Focused on Makers, not Coders.

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Design Everyday Stuff with Tinkercad

Learn how to use Tinkercard to design and 3D print everyday useful things.

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Who are makers?

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Makers are creative people that make something physical that people want.  They work with paints, 3D printers, electronics (e.g. Arduino, Micro:Bit, Raspberry Pie, etc.), wood, metal, paper, clay, Legos and much more.  Some examples include cosplayers, home jewelry makers, crafters, scrapbookers, electronic wizards and more!

Who are nerds?

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Nerds are super passionate people that live and breath their hobby.  They can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about it.  And yes, most makers are nerds and some nerds are also makers.  There is a large crossover between the two. Some examples include cosplayers, VR enthusiasts, drone flyers, miniature painters, electronic wizards, Lego Builders, coders and more.